Happy New Year!  2018 is here… a new calendar year, a new beginning, another chance, a clean slate and an opportunity to take action…. Is this going to be your year?

When we look at statistics, ‘Lose weight and eat healthier’ are the leading resolutions people make year after year.  In 2017, 33% of Canadians polled sited improved personal fitness and nutrition as their New Year’s Resolution last year as reported by Statistica.  While Statistic Brain reported that 21.4% of those polled wanted to Lose Weight / Healthier Eating followed with 12.3% indicating their resolution was Life / Self Improvements.  The reality is that 42.4% never succeed and fail on their resolutions each year.

Changing your relationship and habits around food and creating new lasting positive habits related to diet and nutrition are often some of the hardest challenges to overcome.

Let’s explore this a little more:

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership at the beginning of a year with high hopes that this membership will help you to achieve your health/weight loss goals?

Let’s paint a picture… you start off on a really good note. Your food choices are aligned with your resolutions, you go to the gym 4 to 5 times per week, you attend different classes to have variety, you feel almost high with the new behaviour you are mastering.

Then along comes week 5 or 6 and the self-sabotage starts. So now,  what used to be your ‘close to perfect diet’ is taking a downturn. Little treats are finding their way in, the gym appearances drop down to 2 to 3 days per week for a few weeks, and all of a sudden that becomes a new routine for a while.

Fast forward a few more weeks… you start noticing that your weight loss is not happening as fast as it did in the beginning.  In fact, you feel you’re becoming stuck at the same weight. Your motivation is taking a hit, gym visits are becoming more scarce, and now you’re starting to lose confidence in whether this is something you can do…all the while wondering whether it’s worth the hard work.  

Before you know it you abandon your healthy eating and gym visits altogether, ending up with a yyear-long membership, monthly payments and feelings of frustration, overwhelm and wondering, “How am I ever going to reach my goals?”

Does this story sound somewhat familiar?  I know I can relate!  

New beginnings inspire us to work on behaviours that we would like to change or improve.  We have good intentions, we try our best, but it does not always work out the way we hoped…

We often find that people underestimate what it really takes to lose weight and embrace healthy living.

Now to be fair, lots of people can lose weight. The challenge is that they often gain it back. And enter into the yo-yo cycle of weight loss without ever reaching their goals and often gaining more than when they started.  Which leaves them feeling like the odds are stacked against them.  

The Globe and Mail reports that “the latest poll shows that almost two-thirds of Canadians have tried losing weight in the past five years, but the vast majority have failed to keep it off.

In many cases, it took some time for the scale to climb and those added pounds to creep on.  Changing your thoughts, habits, and beliefs around food and how to change your lifestyle to reflect the healthy living you are looking for to see the successful weight loss and management you desire takes commitment, dedication and some – time.   

We hope to empower you to know that it really is possible!  It’s possible with the right approach, and we want to help you to make it happen by providing some solutions to the most common challenges people face when trying to not only lose weight but to keep it off.  

The good news is that today and in our Women’s Weight Loss Wellness blog series, we are going to provide small tips on where and how you can start to get closer to your goals. It can be a bit overwhelming after such a joyfulness season as Christmas to get started. You know there are many things you would like to change, but need a bit of structure as to what first…

So here is one idea to get you started.  SET GOALS – every week set a new small goal and make it happen!

Set goals that are attainable and make them a priority, this will help prove to yourself that you can win before adding more challenging goals. Start with these baby steps, commit to doing them every day and see how much easier it is to form new habits!  Habits lead to lifestyle after all…  

Here are some examples of weekly goals:

    1. Drink more water (your goal should be around 2L of pure, good quality water)
    2. Go for a walk around the block 2-4 night(s) / week.  As a bonus, have your partner or children join you and enjoy some quality family time… be sure you leave the electronics at home.
    3. Eat veggies with every lunch
    4. Eat breakfast  (OR if you already do:  Eat a protein at breakfast)

Keep in mind that you can start with one simple change and build on it as you gain confidence in your ability to achieve your goal and maintain your new healthy living habit.

To help keep you accountable consider keeping a journal to track your progress.  It will help keep you accountable.

Sound like something you can do? Awesome!  

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog where we will continue to share more tips, tricks, tools, and techniques for winning at weight loss.

Feel like you are ready to dive in a little deeper, learn a little more or find out more about the holistic options we have here at Clarington’s Wellness Path to help you win at weight loss and take healthy back?

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Here’s a glimpse of our 12 Week Transformation program…

It’s a personalized, hands-on, action-oriented approach that navigates many to their success.  

Over the course of 12 weeks we teach you how to make winning at weight loss a natural part of your lifestyle by teaching you about how to make healthy choices and build positive habits and beliefs around food and living life so that in even the toughest of situations you will know exactly what you can do to get and stay healthy so that the weight stays off.  The program helps you dig down to what, at a cellular level, is holding on to the weight you desperately want to get off and keep off.

The best part about it is that we teach you a holistic approach to getting healthy, and with that knowledge and power, weight loss is often a natural byproduct of all your efforts.

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Remember, that with the right tools, mindset, and support you can achieve almost any goal you set.  

A successful weight loss journey is possible.  A new year, a new you…is possible!  We have a range of options available and the expertise and know-how to help you every step of the way.  

Take action today to make this make this the year of your personal transformation.    

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Be sure to check back in for the next blog in our Women’s Wellness Weight Loss blog series to learn more tips, tricks, techniques and solutions to winning at weight loss.