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I can say I truly enjoy every visit at this wonderful place! The staff are warm and are willing to do what they can to help.
Thank you!

Patricia P.

I took a Beginner’s Yoga Class with Stef for 4 weeks and it was very relaxing, informative, and fun! The beginner’s course was a great decision!

Judy T.

I’ve had a few massages at Wellness Path with different RMT’s and each have been professional and make me feel comfortable.

Kevin R.

Case Studies

Our Success Stories tell it all! Learn from these amazing stories, and see how our Weight Loss Programs can change your life!

67-Year-Old Male by Dr. John Principe, MD – 30 Nov 2017

KL is a 67-year old male with a history of metabolic syndrome, obesity, hyperlipidemia, seasonal allergies, colon cancer, atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea who presented to our office for our lifestyle intervention program, SHAPE ReClaimed, in March 2016. KL has been a long-term patient in our practice and has tried many of our programs to improve health and sustain weight loss, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

As a retired chemical scientist, he was very sceptical about how the SHAPE ReClaimed program could assist him in obtaining better health with sustained weight loss. With encouragement from our staff, he began the program in March 2016.

38-Year-Old Female by Dr. Anthony Mills, D.C. – 3 July 2018

A 38-year-old female presents with years of chronic low back pain from arthritis.

Beginning Weight: 287 lbs.

History: Two back surgeries resulted in the fusion of the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra. Required at least two ablations a year for extreme pain that was 8-10 on a scale of 10. Patient developed insomnia due to the intense pain and her anxiety increased.

Medications: Celebrex, Ambien

Patient began the SHAPE ReClaimed program 5/2016 and ended 6/2017.

Results: Weight: 161 lbs. (That’s a 126 lb. drop in 13 months.) Patient was able to stop taking Celebrex for pain and Ambien for insomnia after just one month on the program. She was also able to cancel all future appointments for ablations and has not had to have one since. Her pain levels have dropped to 0-1/10 with a 90% decrease in anxiety. The patient states that she sleeps better and has so much more energy and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion: The anti-inflammatory properties of the SHAPE ReClaimed program appear to be extremely effective for chronic low back pain due to arthritis.


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