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Depending on where you live, the winters can vary in aggressiveness. The harsh climates and wild winds of winter are a strong attack on the sensitivities of the skin. Winter skin care is an absolute must when exposd to climates in Canada for sure!

The damage that is caused acts much the same as the summer sun. The wind will also cause breaks in the skin, and a raw texture. 

Those who already have sensitive skin find they are bundling up to avoid the cracked fissures that can occur in the hands and the redness in the face.

You must be adaptable!

Many who enjoy winter sports also need to be aware of the direct impact the winter weather causes.

Joggers, skiers, or just those out for daily walks must still be layered and use sun protection to ultimately prevent the damage. Drying out the skin without proper replenishment causes dehydration.

Many find they DO need to change to heavier products for their winter skin care regime.


Night time moisturizing can assist in healing and replenishing the skin of its natural moisture and repairing and calming sensitivities that have occurred during the day. Serums and hydrating masks are specialized treatments to regularly handle the harsh results of winter weather. 

Here at Wellness Path in Bowmanville we can work closely with you to customize treatments and routines for your winter skin care. Work with one of our Spa Practitioners to get the best out of your skin – OR simply visit us for a relaxing and moisturizing facial!

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