Yoga with Meditation

Mind-Body-Spirit awareness for health, wellness & personal growth.

Experience a greater connection with your whole being as you uncover your best self.

Yoga with Meditation

We offer a small, safe and comfortable space with beginners in mind, perfect for anyone seeking a gentle approach to yoga.    

Our classes focus on relaxing the body and mind and expanding your heart.  They incorporate meditation while working on strength, flexibility and endurance, all at your own pace and comfort level. 

Our classes are always small and we pride ourselves on bringing yoga to EVERY BODY in an intimate and inviting setting that fosters learning and growth.

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 Join us to see and feel how yoga can change your body, heart and mind, one breath and one pose at a time.


Service Length + Fee for each:

10 Session Flex Pass – Intro offer:                           $139

5 Session Flex Pass – Intro offer:                              $79

Single Class Pass – Intro offer:                                   $17.70

Flex Passes are valid for 6 months

Taxes Extra. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Class Descriptions

Yoga – Flow to Slow

This class incorporates slow flow movement and eases into restoration for a perfect balance of active and calm.  It starts with movement that flows through sets of strengthening and stretching, working on alignment with your body, and connection to your breath. Our Flow to Slow class will leave you feeling empowered and restored.  A slower flow class format that follows up with restorative postures, relaxing into meditation. Props will be used to support your unique body as needed. Small classes allow personal attention, and adaptations can be made for all levels.

Beginners Yoga Series

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of flexibility, age, and physical ability. In this class, we will help you ease into yoga and explore different yoga poses, breathing, stretching, sun salutations and more.  But most importantly how to do yoga safely in a comfortable environment. Special attention will be given to answering questions and providing one-on-one guidance.  This series is offered every few months and as we gather enough interest.  Let us know if you’d like to be added to the wait list!

NOTE: ALL our classes are gentle and modified as needed, so even those with stiff bodies, chronic issues or recovering from illness or injury can join comfortably. Props are available including a chair if needed.