Yoga & Meditation

Mind-Body-Spirit awareness for health, wellness & personal growth.

Experience a greater connection with your whole being as you uncover your best self.

Yoga & Meditation

We offer a ROTATING CLASS SCHEDULE this means that our time slots stay the same while our class format rotates.  This allows you to explore a wide range of yoga styles.  It’s one of the best ways to keep your mind and body growing and changing so you can too!



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We offer a safe, judgement-free space for you to learn, share and grow.  So join us to see and feel how yoga can change your body, heart and mind, one breath and one pose at a time.

Our classes focus on relaxing the body and mind and expanding your heart while building strength, flexibility and endurance. Our holistic programming is aimed at providing you with options for personal growth and development as you journey to greater wellness in all areas of your life.

Our classes are always small and we pride ourselves on bringing yoga to EVERY BODY in an intimate and inviting setting that is inclusive and fosters learning and growth.


Service Length + Fee for each:

10 Session Flex Pass                                                                                                                                               $139

5 Session Flex Pass                                                                                                                                                     $79

Single Class Pass  (FIRST CLASS IS $10! – LIMITED TIME OFFER!)                                     $17.70

Taxes Extra. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

NOTE: Classes or specific day / time slots marked with (G) are a gentle format regardless of the style of yoga.  During this timeslot we offer a highly modified class, as needed, which is ideal for those recovering from illness or injury, those with stiff bodies or managing chronic illness.  Props are available including a chair if needed.  Poses are modified as you require as we meet you where you are at.  Seniors welcome.  

REMEMBER all of our classes are designed with the Beginner in mind.  J join us for any time slot that suits your schedule as our small class formats mean that we can often address your unique needs with ease.

Beginners Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of flexibility, age, and physical ability. In this class, we will help you ease into yoga and explore different yoga poses, breathing, stretching, sun salutations and more.  But most importantly how to do yoga safely in a comfortable environment. Special attention will be given to answering questions and providing one-on-one guidance.

Beginners Flow Yoga

Beginners Flow Yoga moves through sets of physical exercises designed to align your body and connect you with your breath.  This class is a perfect balance of active and calm, strength and flexibility.  Flow Yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. Small classes allow personal attention, and adaptations can be made for all levels.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice that is an offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga. Like Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Movement is synchronized with breath and even though this is a more rigorous practice modifications are made to suit participants in the class.  All levels welcome and form and function remain the hallmark of this class like any other here at Clarington’s Wellness Path.

Yoga Stretch

Suitable for beginners and beyond, Yoga Stretch combines the ease of stretching with the relaxation of yoga.  Using yoga straps, gentle movements and relaxing techniques your body will gain flexibility and strength while your spirit is uplifted. Yoga Stretch welcomes any level of yogi. A perfect style for someone who has just started practicing yoga in our beginners class or for seasoned yogi’s alike who are looking for a deeper level of stretch in their practice while still providing the opportunity to reflect, move the body and meditate.

eONE Yoga™ Energy Wellness

A unique self-care practice that offers students an opportunity to learn and practice self-healing techniques in this functional and integrated yoga energy wellness session. Along with a yoga fusion practice, students will be introduced to self-care energy healing, tapping / emotional freedom technique, breath work, relaxation and meditation practices that can easily be implemented into daily life with ease.  Beginners welcome, no experience required.


Flow & Restore Yoga

A session that includes slow flow movement and restoration. Our Flow & Restore class will leave you feeling empowered and restored.  A slower flow class format that follows up with restorative postures to leave you feeling energetically balanced. Props will be used to support your unique body as needed.

Yin Yoga

This session is a slow-paced style of yoga of passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. Postures or asanas are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.  Promoting increased mobility, circulation, and regulation of energy flow throughout your body, as many of these poses target energy channels and meridians in a way that is similar to acupuncture.  Limited props are utilized to support muscular release as needed to ensure a safe experience while allowing for moments of contemplation.

Restorative Yoga

This session that is focused on longer held postures using an assortment of yoga props including the world’s best soft yoga prop kit by Rainbow Foameez.  These soft props allow you to feel fully supported in poses so that you can focus on breath, visualization, and deeply releasing tension throughout the body.  A short session of Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), contemplative readings and or gentle bodywork may also accompany this class.   All sessions are geared suitable for all levels and most of the class is spent on the floor spent in restorative postures.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

This session is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques.  Also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit, which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational.  While often physically and mentally challenging even for the most experienced, we will meet you where you are at and in the words of Yogi Bhajan as you “keep up, you will be kept up.”

Breath & Meditation

Breath & Meditation is used for both physical and emotional health benefits. Feel calmer, lower your blood pressure and learn to think clearly.

The practice will establish the foundations of a breath and meditation practice that creates mindfulness, breath awareness, and increased focus.  The sessions will include various breath practices and meditation formats (focus on breath, word, hand position, guided visualization, mantras etc.) to allow you to develop the knowledge and practice you need to begin and maintain a breath & meditation practice at home.