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Although we all know that we should take better care of our body, mind and spirit, the pace of life can make this a challenge. It is our mission to assist you in achieving greater health and wellness by making a wide range of natural health options available to you along with providing you with personalized guidance so that you discover your ideal path to wellness.

Clarington’s Wellness Path provides a single location that can meet all of your holistic health care needs. Our wellness centre is home to professionals in the fields of Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, Osteopathy and more! We also feature a Holistic Spa/Medi Spa and Studio that provides a wealth of self-care options including a full range of spa services, yoga, energy and wellness sessions, escapes and retreats.

Be sure to also check out our calendar of personal development events that are designed to support you on your journey.

Our holistic health solutions promise to provide you with natural solutions for health and happiness from qualified practitioners in a friendly and supportive environment you can trust.

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Parking at the back of the building (driveway on the east side), we also have customer parking in the Legion parking lot in spaces that are closest to our building or paid parking on the street.  We are located on the west side of the Legion parking lot.


Wellness Path
103 King Street East Bowmanville Ontario L1C 1N4 Canada

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Meet Our Team

Welcome, and thank you for searching our holistic health services. As the Owner and Clinic Director of Clarington’s Wellness Path, it is my mission to offer a wide range of natural health solutions that absolutely help you achieve the health and happiness you are looking for. We pride ourselves in working with the holistic model and offering options that find and correct the root cause. We also stand behind providing the customer service and care that will make a difference in your life. We love that we can help you turn health and happiness into a lifestyle, and I am pleased to share a little more about our history…

Clarington’s Wellness Path was born in 2009 with the amalgamation of Bowmanville Massage Therapy and Nutrition and Allergy Solutions. It has been my goal to build a centre that provides natural solutions and support for any health concern. I am passionate about bringing in specialists to care not only for physical ailments, but also for the mind and soul. I am so pleased to say that Clarington’s Wellness Path is now home to over 20 practitioners…from acupuncture to yoga and almost everything in between!

What was once a hidden gem, Clarington’s Wellness Path is now Durham’s Largest Wellness Centre & Spa.  We look forward to having you join us here to experience what we have to offer so that you can discover your unique wellness path to greater health and happiness. 


Nancy Metcalf, B.Sc., RHN
Clinic Director, Holistic Nutritionist & Allergist


Anita Harley
Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist, Iridologist

Catheryne Dahlke, RAc, RTCMP
Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Joel Jeans, DCHM,DOMP
Manual Osteopath

Nancy Metcalf, B.Sc., RHN
Program Director, Holistic Nutritionist & Allergist

Shannon Lee
Certified Reflexologist



Registered Massage Therapists:

Andrea Jackson, RMT
Carl Coleman-Pollock, RMT
Julie Shupka, RMT
Kimberly Ann Dickerson, RMT
Megan McDonald, RMT
J.Scott McPherson, RMT
Vanessa Roughley, RMT
Yanina Furier, RMT





June Manley 
Spa Esthetician, Reiki & Self-care Services

Shannon Lee
Spa Esthetician, Certified Reflexologist, Medical Pedicurist



Krista Weir
Reception Supervisor

Amanda Speirs





Christina Guida
Operations Manager

Nancy Metcalf
Clinic Director & Program Director