Manual Osteopathy

A natural treatment for pain.

Discover a safe, effective and drug-free way to a pain-free life!

Manual Osteopathy

Holistic health care aims at prevention, but we recognize that many of us have existing health concerns that also need relief and correction. Whatever your challenge, we welcome you to come to the centre for a variety of options to gain a better perspective of not only your holistic health but options to move forward to a healthier and happier you!

Treating back pain, sciatica, displaced ribs and any other structural issue has proven to be incredibly effective with this technique. The whole premise is to correct misalignments in your spine vertebrae, joints and cartilage which often are cause for imbalances that create pain.

What people appreciate about this is the gentle approach to adjusting our structural body, as it incorporates soft tissue massage, stretches and gentle palpitations to release tension. This release of tension not only relieves pain but also helps mobilise your joints for improved range of motion.

If you find that massage, chiropractic or other modalities are not holding for you, or for as long as you would like, osteopathy is worth a try. It gets the most positive feedback for it’s quick but also long-lasting results.

Service Length + Fee

Osteopathy initial assessment and treatment                                                                              $120

Osteopathy follow up 30 min (standard)                                                                                            $80

Osteopathy follow up 45 min                                                                                                                    $100