Health Solutions

Learn more about each of our Health Solutions to heal you inside and out.

Acupuncture & TCM

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (TCM) understand that symptoms and signs are merely indications of an imbalance deep within the body. This 5,000 year-old healing art focuses upon correcting underlying imbalances that have occurred over the years.

Nutrition & Nutrition Analysis

Are you looking to have a further understanding of your body and improve your overall health? Nutritional analysis can reveal important information about your system and the way it works by identifying underlying deficiencies and abnormalities.

SHAPE ReClaimed & Weight Loss

With the help of whole food nutrition and the Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement, this customizable program can help you restore your health and revitalize your life! Wellness Path will closely monitor you to ensure your safety, improve results and guide you toward long-term health.

Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Allergy symptoms are our bodies way of showing rejection to something it should be able to understand. What we don’t know is when we have allergies or food sensitivities, our immune system is working overtime! Try our non-invasive, no-needle approach today!

Manual Osteopathy

Treating back pain, sciatica, displaced ribs and any other structural issue has proven to be incredibly effective with osteopathy. The whole premise is to correct misalignments in your spine vertebrae, joints and cartilage which often are cause for imbalances that create pain.


Combining an amazing instructor with amazing equipment and simple yet powerful techniques to build strength, flexibility and physical fitness. Reformer Pilates combines the traditional movements of mat Pilates with a Reformer machine and gives a workout like no other. 1:1 or 2:1 options available.

Registered Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage has an amazing range of benefits. People come in most commonly for back pain, headaches, pulled muscles, spasms, kinks or inflammation and of course, relaxation! WE DO DIRECT BILLING! Ask our front desk staff for more information.


Seqex is an electromagnetic field therapy device that implements Ion Cyclotronic-like phenomena to promote the reduction of inflammation; induce a muscle relaxant effect; contribute to improving microcirculation. SEQEX can help ease pain and give your body the boost it’s been looking for.


We offer a safe and comfortable space with beginners in mind, perfect for anyone seeking a gentle approach to yoga. Our Flow to Slow class incorporates slow flow movement and eases into restoration for a perfect balance of active and calm. We bring yoga to EVERY BODY in an intimate and inviting setting.