Intuitive Energy Healing

Bringing well-being back to your body and soul.

Balancing energy, releasing emotions and uplifting spirits

Intuitive Energy Healing

One-on-One and Group Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions for Mind-Body-Spirit healing and growth. Our Intuitive Healers help you break-through mental and emotional blocks, self-limiting beliefs and assist in helping to raise your consciousness.

Our sessions integrate healing modalities and teach self-care tools to help you move beyond situations and feelings. It provides support and encouragement to connect with your intuition and to resolve/release that which no longer serves you.

Each session combines hands-on energy work with an intuitive experience as the practitioner is guided. May integrate other elements such as acupressure, dry massage/supported stretching, oracle cards, clear spray/sage, pendulum, aromatherapy, coaching and more.

Service Length + Fee for each:

90 min                                                                                                                                                                             $125

60 min                                                                                                                                                                                $95

Taxes Extra.  Gratuities always appreciated.  Prices subject to change without notice