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When Victor DeCarmo of Toronto told me he reversed his Diabetes by sweating in a SaunaRay, I wasn’t surprised. He’s the tenth person that’s told me that in the last few years.

“My doctor told me I have Type 2 Diabetes and would have to take these pills for the rest of my life,” said Victor as he held up a massive prescription bottle full of pills.

“I never took one of them,” he said smiling. “But my blood sugar is normal now.

Before Victor we had SaunaRay owners reporting that their insulin requirement had dropped to zero, or their triglycerides had normalized, or they no longer needed blood pressure medication, or they got their eyesight back, or other symptoms of diabetes had been virtually sweated out of them.

SaunaRay launched a search

to find out why this was happening, and the key word turned out to be “symptom.”

In November of 2011 our search led us to Portland, Oregon where doctors at the American College for the Advancement of Medicine reported in their annual general meeting that sudden or slow onset diabetic symptoms were just that, “symptoms”.  It wasn’t a misdiagnosis but rather an unnecessary or premature one.

Doctors reported that exposure to toxic substances such as heavy metals and complex chemicals used in plastic can lead to insulin disruption and is now associated with an elevated cases of Type 2 Diabetes.

At the same medical conference the ACAM doctors also reported that these chemicals and toxic metals can be removed from our bodies most efficiently via sweat.

Often ten times more efficiently than through urine.

That means SaunaRay is ten times more effective at detoxifying the human body than any other method. That explained why Type 2 Diabetes can be treated in our saunas.

There are 79 million people in the United States whose doctor had the same conversation as Victor’s. Like Victor’s doctor they won’t mention calling SaunaRay but Victor said his instinct told him to.

His instinct was right. Today Victor is symptom free and uses his SaunaRay everyday.

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