by Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown


Energy is magnetic, and like attracts like. So when you’re in a tough moment – of anger, or sadness, or loneliness – your subconscious mind attracts, or finds, like thoughts.

For example: you feel misunderstood, perhaps because of an exchange you had with someone you thought knew you. So while you’re experiencing those feelings, your subconscious pulls up all the other times this person has made you feel this way. Do you know what I’m talking about here? Or if there are no same experiences to draw from with this person, your mind presents you other times you’ve felt this way, and you start to have an avalanche of misunderstood feelings.

How do we stop this? Well, with 3 good things! Just say them out loud. Because energy is magnetic, when you have a cognizant moment where you say, “Wait; 3 good things about my day. Anndd… GO!” you cause 2 affects. 1) the litany of all the people who don’t get you stops. And 2) you start to attract more good thoughts!

The 3 Good Things are not big things; usually the first thing on my list is “I had clean panties in my drawer.” And the second is almost always, “And I had a good cup of coffee this morning.”  The point is not grand, sweeping, epic moments where we were ecstatic, but all the tiny moments where you got what you wanted or needed.

An avalanche does not begin with an epic snow storm. It’s small vibrations that cause a few snowflakes to shift, which cause a few more to shift, and suddenly the whole thing is out of control and moving. Such is the power of 3 Good Things. Your list creates a change in vibration, attracting a few more good things, and then a few more, and suddenly, you are lifted higher.

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