Weight Loss Options

We want to help you turn weight loss into a weight lifestyle!

Transformational Weight Loss Programs


If you’re ready to get off the diet rollar coaster and find a program that teaches you how you can turn weight loss into a weight lifestyle, you’ve found the right place. 

Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 110 pounds, we help you select a program you can be confident will provide the proper knowledge, motivation and support to reach your goals, regain your health and keep the pounds off. 

Our goal is to help you create healthy habits and consistency around weight loss one step at a time.  We want it to be manageable enough to fit it in your life, easy enough that you can continue, and that you get results fairly quickly to keep your motivation.  We’re happy to say that we’ve helped so many people do this and we would love to work with you to help make this dream a reality!

Our team consists of Holistic Nutritionists and Lifestyle Coaches who will help you with foods, emotional eating and mindset.  We are here to guide you, point you to resources, motivate you and keep you accountable.  We will problem solve and create a focus that is specific to you and conquering the sabotages that come up in life.

While you and us both focus on creating consistency with your habits, emotional eating and routines that can be continued, the food plan and the drops will work their magic to detox your cells and reduce the inflammation in your body.  We find nothing more motivating to staying on track than feeling better, and love seeing the momentum created when you achieve better health.  We’re always left to wonder, is the bonus the health benefits or the weight loss?

A healthier and happier lifestyle is easier to manage when

we help you take one step at a time! 


Programs starting at $597 + tax

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How Our Programs Help You Find Success

  • We help guide you in creating a personalized program catering to your specific goals, desired results and wellness concerns. 
  • You will learn valuable habit forming techniques that work for lasting weight loss.
  • You will have access to delicious recipes, healthy meal inspiration, and convenient grab and go suggestions that take the guesswork out of what to eat.
  • You have the opportunity to combine all of our ‘tools for success’ to accelerate your weight loss experience. 
  • You will thrive in a positive community with like-minded people.

Tools for Success

Accelerate your weight loss experience with everything we offer! 

Let’s work together to create the Weight Loss Program that’s right for you!  We are here to go over all the options to make your weight loss experience as positive and successful as possible so you can achieve your goals! 

  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Meal Plans & Recipes
  • Positivity & Motivation Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Weigh Ins & Measurements
  • Urinalysis & Recommendations
  • Proven Supplements
  • Brain Wellness & Mindset Coaching
  • Hormone Scans & Recommendations
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Lipo-Lights
  • Infrared Sauna 
  • Lymph and Muscle Vibration

PLUS! ADD relaxation services as desired to calm the mind, body and soul, allowing you to reflect and focus on what matters to you most.

A Membership You Can Count On

Be part of a fantastic community with like-minded people who want to improve their mind and body to make healthy eating and healthy mindset a priority, so weight loss becomes a lifestyle instead of a chore.  

Imagine a membership site where you can share your wins, challenges, goals and support, and get it back in return.  Where you can motivate each other while getting the resources, tips and guidance you need to make this a success.  Where feeling healthy and gaining energy becomes the motivator, and weight loss is the side effect! 

No matter what program you decide on, you gain access to an easy and interactive membership for accountability, support and motivation that is vital to any success story!

COMBINE our Lipo-Lights with your Weight Loss Transformation Program for ACCELERATED results! Ask about this amazing offer, today!

Programs starting at $597 + tax

Book your complimentary, no obligation consult to find the program that best suits you!

Call 905.623.9232 or e-mail info@wellnesspath.ca