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Experience a greater connection with your whole being as you uncover your best self.

Yoga & Meditation

Our classes focus on relaxing the body and mind and expanding your heart while building strength, flexibility and endurance. Our holistic programming is aimed at providing you with options for personal growth and development as you journey to greater wellness in all areas of your life.

Our classes are always small and we pride ourselves on bringing yoga to EVERY BODY in an intimate and inviting setting that is inclusive and fosters learning and growth.

Class Descriptions:


Beginners Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of flexibility, age and physical ability. In this class we will help you ease into yoga and explore different yoga poses, breathing, stretching, salutations and more.  But most importantly how to do yoga safely in a comfortable environment. Special attention will be given to answering questions and providing one-on-one guidance.

Beginners Flow Yoga

Beginners Flow Yoga moves through sets of physical exercises designed to align you body and connect you with your breath.  This class is a perfect blaance of active and calm, strength and flexibility.  Flow Yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation.  Small classes allow personal attention, and adaptations can be made for all levels.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice that is an offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga. Like Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Movement is synchronized with breath and even though this is a more rigorous practice modifications are made to suit participants in the class.  Beginner to intermediates are welcome and form and function remain the hallmark of this class like any other here at Clarington’s Wellness Path.

Yoga Stretch

Suitable for beginners and beyond, Yoga Stretch combines the ease of stretching with the relaxation of yoga. Using yoga straps, gentle movements and relaxing techniques your body will gain flexibility and strength while your spirit is uplifted. Yoga Stretch welcomes any level of yogi. A perfect style for someone who has just started practicing yoga in our beginners class or for seasoned yogi’s alike who are looking for a deeper level of stretch in their practice while still providing the opportunity to reflect, move the body and meditate.

eONE Yoga Energy Wellness

A unique self-care practice that offers students an opportunity to learn and practice self-healing techniques in this functional and integrated yoga energy wellness session. Along with a yoga component that will vary weekly students will be introduced to self energy healing, tapping / emotional freedom technique, breath work, relaxation and meditation practices that you can take home and implement into your daily life with ease. All levels and abilities welcome.

Yin Yang Yoga

A session that includes movement and restoration. Our Yin Yang class will leave you feeling empowered and refreshed. A terrific way to return home for the evening or to power you through the rest of the day. All sessions are geared toward students and suitable for all levels and abilities.  Beginners Welcome.


Meditation is used for both physical and emotional health benefits.  Feel calmer, lower your blood pressure and learn to think clearly.

The practice will establish the foundations of meditation: Mindfulness, breath and focus.  For beginners or those practicing a while but preferring guided meditation and group support in learning to let go of anxious thought patterns.

Class Pricing + Fee for each:
  • 5 Session Flex Pass $79 + tax
  • 4 weeks (consecutive) $59 + tax
  • 4 weeks (consecutive) Children’s Pass $45 + tax – valid for Mom & Daughter Yoga
  • Single Pass $17.70 + tax

For Specialty Classes, Escapes, Workshops & Retreats see event pricing for details.

Must Call to Register in Advance: 905-623-9232 or email

Our Yoga Instructors

Hi my name is Sarah! With over two decades of practice and self-study and a decade of helping women and their families of all ages master the art of vibrant living, I am thrilled to be part of the Wellness Path team offering you yoga, energy and wellness solutions for vibrant living.

As a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, certified personal and professional NLP Life Coach, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and Health & Wellness Educator, I am passionate about putting health and healing in your hands by teaching you practical, leading-edge tools and techniques in yoga, meditation, energy medicine, tapping, life coaching and wellness, that you can easily integrate into everyday life.

My events and workshops are focused on functional movements that encourage the development of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance along with practical, easy to understand know-how that give you opportunities to explore and expand your mind-body-spirit connection as you become more and more aligned with the person you desire to be.

I have spent the last 3 yrs of almost a decade of teaching focused on working with stiff bodies, injured / healing bodies, those who are overwhelmed with modern day living and those brand new to yoga.  My aim is to create and hold space for you that feels inclusive, supportive and fun while sharing information and practical tools for vibrant living along with a good dose of mind-body-spirit awareness to support your personal growth and development.

Hi my name is Lynne! As a Registered Reflexologist, Reiki Healer, and Indian Head Massage Practitioner, I have always strived to be of service to people and have a passion to help them feel the best they can.   With the desire and ambition to provide more, I am always continuing to learn, and so I became a yoga instructor!  I have a special interest in mindful yoga for deep stress release and flexibility, finishing with meditation.  I have a strong belief that yoga is for everyone at any time of their life or fitness level, and hope to see you soon! – Namaste

At the Wellness Path, Lynne Poole offers a welcoming and inviting class that will leave you feeling relaxed and accomplished.

Policies & Pricing

  1. All sessions require pre-registration and payment to secure your spot.
  2. If it is your first time joining us please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your program waiver.  A waiver must be on file for every client / student.
  3. If you have changes to your health that we should be aware of, please be sure to notify your instructor prior to the start of class.
  4. As yoga is a personal practice that has students practicing in bare feet and placing their full bodies, forehead and cheeks on the mats, It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat. We have a limited number on-hand in case you forget your mat. Please disinfect borrowed mats and wipe dry with paper towel provided.
  5. Please do your best to arrive 10 minutes before your session to check in with reception and to ensure you have ample time to feel organized and settled. It is also a nice opportunity to build community with fellow students or enjoy a moment of meditation or relaxation before the class begins.  NOTE: if the studio door is closed please wait quietly for the previous session to end.  The door will be opened once the session is completed.
  6. If you have to leave early or find yourself arriving late please open the studio door slowly to ensure the area is clear and enter quietly.  We will do our best to leave a space for you closest to the door to ensure the least disruption to others.
  7. Minimum number of participants are required for any of our yoga and meditation programs to run.
  8. Cancellation policy.  Please provide 24 hours cancellation notice for classes that you are registered for.  Failure to do so will result in loss of class pass / payment for the missed class.

We're here to support the whole you - mind, body and soul.

Our Monthly Specials

We regularly offer promotions and service specials to help you on your path to wellness.