by Joel Jeans,  DCHM, DOMP  Manual Osteopath


Have you ever felt like your body just doesn’t feel right? Have you ever been in pain/discomfort but can never seem to shake the feeling?

Well, Osteopathy might just be for you. Osteopathy works to identify the area of resistance in the body.  As a Manual Osteopath, I treat chronic and acute conditions using my hands to very carefully “palpate” the body and identify the areas of weakness and or resistance.

The goal is to realign your body and remove the tension in the muscles as well as tissues of the body.  In short, Osteopathy is a gentle alignment and mobilization of the whole body.

Some common ailments that Osteopathy helps with are Arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, tingling and numbness in arms and legs, headaches, neck pain, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, TMJ and many more…

I look forward to sharing through my blog series more about how Osteopathy can help you overcome health challenges and allow your body to heal and thrive.

I am pleased to tell you that I have opened up additional appointments in my schedule at Clarington’s Wellness Path and I am now accepting new patients.

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