Weight Loss Options

Our customizable weight loss options give you the best chance at success!

Integrated Programs

Finding the root cause of weight loss to regain your health and keep pounds off.

Holistic health care aims at prevention, but we recognize that many of us have existing health concerns that also need relief and correction. Whatever your challenge, we welcome you to come to the centre for a variety of options to gain a better perspective of not only your holistic health, but options to move forward to a healthier and happier you!

BOTH programs include with nutrition consulting, meal plans, recipes, weigh-ins, measurements, accountability, challenge solving techniques, positivity and motivation coaching, empowerment, group fitness, brain wellness and much more. AND it’s personalized!

8-week Weight Loss Transformation

  • 1x 60 min initial assessment and nutrition consultation
  • 5x 30 min coaching sessions to get you real results and corrective care recommendation with the necessary dietary modifications, as required
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Workbook
  • Recipe book
  • 12 Brain Entrainment sessions to change the way you relate to yourself, your weight and food.
  • 12x Lymph & Muscle Vibration Exercise Sessions
  • VIP Coaching Support
  • 3x Mini BioScan (hormones, sugars, insulin, foods, detox/drainage)
  • Exclusive Facebook Motivation & Support Group
  • ON NOW $797

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