by Amrita Kirin (Sarah Kathleen)

Imagine for a moment what it might feel like if you were able to release, reframe and rewrite ‘your story’ when reflecting on failed or strained relationships or past wrongdoings by others or yourself.  Can you imagine how light and free you might feel if you were able to shift the anger, loathing and hurt feelings to peace, love of self and harmony?

Think of the inner serenity and personal healing you could gift yourself if you were able to forgive yourself and others for experiences and lessons from the past that caused feelings of anger, hurt, guilt and or shame.

When working through past grievances, the best place to begin harnessing the power of forgiveness is to become aware that forgiveness is an inside job.  It has little to do with the other person or persons who may have wronged you in the past.  Instead, it is much more about releasing yourself from the ongoing pain and misery that comes from holding a grudge.

Forgiveness can help you resolve feelings of anxiety, depression, and rage and can help to improve your relationship with yourself and others.  Forgiveness does not mean that you absolve others or forget the lessons learned.  Instead what forgiveness can do is help release the lower vibrating emotions, mental scripts and limiting behavioral programs that may be holding you back from living your life to the fullest.  Forgiveness is about taking back your personal power.  Embracing the ideal life you envision for yourself despite your experiences and making a commitment to yourself to move forward in your own life.

Forgiveness can bring plenty of health benefits.  According to the Mayo Clinic, forgiveness can improve relationships, decrease anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, a lower risk of depression, strengthen the immune and improve heart health.  In fact, letting go of negative emotions can often have a remarkable impact on the body.

If you are ready to let go of negative emotions we are offering a Radical Forgiveness Workshop

In this 4 hour workshop, Lorree Appleby, Radical Living Master Coach will take you through a series of visualizations, mediations and energy-based exercises that will let you:

  • Open your heart by letting go of emotional pain and heartbreak to make room for loving relationships
  • Release self-judgement, guilt, and shame to feel more self-confidence
  • Unblock stuck energy from past pain and hurt
  • Calm your worrying mind; feeling lighter with a sense of knowing ‘It’s all going to be OK.’
  • Learn where you are holding toxic energies and release it

To register for this Radical Forgiveness Workshop call 905-623-9232 or email

Remember that you are always welcome to speak with me or our Clinic Director, Nancy Metcalf if you are not sure of where to start we would be happy to help you explore your options as you continue on your path to wellness.

Here’s to living in greater health and happiness!


Amrita Kirin (Sarah Kathleen)

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