Staycations are becoming more and more popular!

We would all love to travel the World and stay in 5 Star luxury hotels and be catered to 24/7, however those of us living busy lives stay local most of the year due to our kids, social events, and of course, our jobs.

Vacations may seem like a hassle almost, or a dream that will never come true.

This doesn’t have to be the case!

There are so many perks to Staycations that you may decide they are the way to go (or stay! ?) when planning your time off this summer.

staycations biking

Time With Family, Without Breaking the Bank

Family fun is the best fun, isn’t it? It keeps everyone busy, together, happy and active!

One of the biggest benefits of not leaving home, is saving a few bucks! There are so many fun FREE things to do anywhere you are, especially close to home.

  • AllTrails has an amazing app that they have been working on that showcases biking, walking & hiking trails where ever you may be. This is such a great tool for everyone to use! Track where you have been and how far you’ve gone. Make it a fun competition for the whole family. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)
  • Geocaching is another exciting activity for the whole family. Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Join the World’s LARGEST one! There are almost 2000 geocaches in Bowmanville, ON alone. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)
  • Photography is a great way to appreciate where you live. The nature, the architecture, the animals & people, and the art. It’s a great way to be active with the purpose of this new hobby! Plus there are tons of websites where you can sell your photos to the public if you happen to be amazing at the craft!
  • Community Centres and Libraries are great resources to figure out what to do and also excellent venues for a lot of different FREE indoor activities.
  • Festivals don’t have to be expensive. Eat before you go, don’t plan on buying anything from the vendors and just go hang out for the music, shows, art and atmosphere. Summer is an excellent time of the year to catch amazing artists close to home.
  • Museums and Art Galleries are a great way to show culture to your family. Lots of museums are FREE in Durham Region and Clarington.

This is just a short list of fun things you can do with the family that are all completely FREE!

Who doesn’t love free?

staycations home

Amenities of Your Own Home

We work really hard to make our home, our home. A safe, loving, beautiful space to call our own. So why leave it?

Have the amenities of your own home at the tip of your fingers and sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

Enjoy the small things that you may have taken for granted in the past:

  • Enjoy local food from the market.
  • Have easy access to grocery stores and a closer proximity to the LCBO.
  • Cook your own, healthy foods.
  • Catch up on your favourite shows or binge watch a new show.
  • Invite people over, so you don’t have to go out.
  • Spend time in your own back yard with yard games and water balloon fights!

Staycations don’t sound so bad now, do they?


Mini Road Trips

Just because you are sleeping at home, doesn’t mean you have to stay at home all day. Take advantage of fun attractions within driving distance.

Depending on where you live, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ontario Provincial Parks, and even Premium Outlet Malls are within an hour or 2 of driving time. These would make excellent mini road trips for just you or your entire family.

Even just going for a drive soothes the soul. Turn up your tunes, put the windows down (or the roof!) and just be free.

staycations town

Shop, Dine & Discover

We are lucky enough to be located in the heart of Bowmanville, ON., so we get to see Historic Downtown Bowmanville every day. A lot of you may not.

On your down time, take advantage of your own town, wherever that may be.

Every city, town, or hamlet has featured restaurants, boutiques, malls, historic monuments, museums and parks that you may not even know exist. By taking the time to discover the beauty of where you live, you will take pride in the culture of your surroundings more than ever before.

Visit your local tourism website or information facility to find out how to master becoming a Tourist at home.

staycations spa

Local Luxuries

So many believe that spa services is a luxury you may only have when you are on vacation. A massage on the beach, a pedicure where you put your feet in a pool of fish, or a facial that infuses your skin with local exotic fruit extracts may be exactly what you think of when you think ‘Spa’.

Well… we may not have warm beaches and local exotic fruit, but we do have local Spas that focus on the ultimate luxurious experiences.

At Wellness Path Holistic Spa, we specialize in Spa Escapes & Yoga Retreats. You can spend an hour with us, or a whole afternoon – including lunch!

Staycations can be relaxation at it’s finest.

Whatever you decide to do on your staycations, make sure your entire family can benefit from the activities and be as happy and busy (or not) as they would on a regular vacation away.


If you are planning on staying local to Bowmanville, ON or visiting us while on a mini road trip, remember to visit us here at Wellness Path for a Holistic Spa treatment (or two ?)