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The services we have in our Recovery Room can be for anyone from an
intense athelete who needs muscle tension relief – to someone who
has minor back or leg pain just looking to improve their day to day pain management.

Combining our Recovery Room services can have your body recovering
and your mind relaxed and ready to accept the new changes in your routine.


Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, the NormaTec PULSE Massage Pattern employs three key techniques—pulsing, distal release, and gradients—all to maximize your recovery. 

PULSING – Instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid out of the limbs, NormaTec Pulse Technology uses dynamic compression (pulsing). Our patented pulsing action more effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout.

GRADIENTS – Veins and lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. Similarly, NormaTec Pulse Technology uses hold pressures to keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. Because of this enhancement, instead of tapering pressure off, the PULSE and PULSE PRO can deliver maximum pressure in every zone.

DISTAL RELEASE – Because extended static pressure can be detrimental to the body’s normal circulatory flow, Sequential Pulse Technology releases the hold pressures once they are no longer needed to prevent backflow.
 By releasing the hold pressure in each zone as soon as possible, each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time without a significant pause between compression cycles.

*PLEASE NOTE Treatment may look different than shown in video. Varies per person.


Seqex is a revolutionary health & wellness technology in the form of a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device that produces Ion Cyclotron Resonance phenomena. This phenomena promotes the reduction of inflammation; induces a muscle relaxant effect and contributes to improving microcirculation.

The Seqex Difference

Many PEMF systems use high intensity frequencies. Seqex uses 30 complex wave shapes which include the lower frequencies and intensities which closely resemble the Earth’s magnetic field. Each program has nine sequences of variable frequency combinations with different intensities and time on, time off.

Seqex can assist in regulating the transition of ions (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and certain amino acids) through cellular membranes which is essential to the optimal functioning of cells. They can also encourage the expulsion of waste materials, normalize certain physiological cell functions. It is highly effective in correcting inflammatory processes and stimulating micro-circulation.

*PLEASE NOTE Treatment may look different than shown in video. Varies per person.


Conventional pads use electric heating coils and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Such products only heat your skin. Our unique pads, with enhanced therapeutic benefits effectively penetrate deeply into your body with minimal exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

Infrared technology is the wave of the future in the health and wellness industry. Our uniquely crafted heating pads penetrate up to 3 inches deep into your body for optimal relaxation and relief. Users will immediately feel the therapeutic effects of the EarthWrappe. 

The EarthWrappe has completely revolutionized personal healing products with its proprietary line of Genuine Rose Granite Heating Discs. Great For: Muscle & Joint Pain, Natural Detox, Tension & Stress Relief, Blood Circulation, Immune System


The BrainTap headset is an extraordinary new technology on the leading-edge of the brain-based wellness approach now being advocated by health and wellness practitioners around the globe. 

The BrainTap headset delivers gentle pulses of light through special earphones and from within a visor. These lights synchronize with two types of sound—binaural beats and isochronic tones—to produce deep and profound relaxation and varying states of consciousness

While research has proven that both flickering light and synchronized tones can produce relaxed states, combining the two guides you to a profound level of restfulness and rejuvenation that’s otherwise difficult to achieve; it is a state of tranquility that is optimum for mind/body balance, focus, and accelerated learning.

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