by Sarah Kathleen (Amrita Kirin)

Welcome back!  With the new year underway, we are excited to be launching our new yoga programming schedule, opening our yoga and spa members club programs and unveiling a few changes we’ve been making in the studio.

We recognize that the only thing constant is change and while practice might make “perfect” we believe that being open to a wide range of experiences of mind-body-spirit exploration are what give us each the opportunity to grow and evolve into our best selves.

So with that, we are kicking off the 2018 Yoga Programming with varying formats across our regular weekly time slots. A Monday morning Gentle practice, along with lunchtime options on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, a late afternoon practice on Fridays and evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays you are sure to find a time slot or two that suit your schedule!

We have 10 styles of Yoga for your to experience as you grow in greater health and happiness.

We know that you are more than just a body and that your mind and spirit also need tending to so that you can thrive in all areas of your life.

We are also happy to share new class pass and membership options! See some of the options below.  For more details and to discuss and decide which option fits your lifestyle needs best, book an appointment with a member coordinator or email today!

Remember, classes are designed with the beginner in mind and beginners are always welcome. If you have interest in the Power Yoga class you may want to ensure you have some practice in with our Beginners Flow Yoga or have taken the Beginners Flow Yoga Workshop Series starting January 25th. We also have a Yoga Foundations for Beginners Workshop kicking off on January 23rd so you can feel confident about diving into any one of our classes.

The exception might be our Kundalini Classes…rest assured our Lead Teacher, Sarah Kathleen who also goes by Amrita Kirin, will keep things light and FUN as she tears down any and all barriers that might keep you from jumping into this amazing transformative practice with both feet.

Just find the times slots on the schedule that fit your lifestyle, register and commit to yourself to show up regularly with a mat in tow as you get set to grow in mind, body, and soul!

All classes designed with the beginner in mind.
Note: Monday’s 10:00 am slot is always a gentle practice and suitable for stiff bodies, injured or those managing chronic illness. Modification of all types, including using a chair is available.

Pre-registration required for all classes. Consecutive sessions require minimum number of particpants to run.

Call 905-623-9232 to register.  Terms & Conditions apply, see website for details.

Have questions? Email