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All treatments include meticulous nail and cuticle attention, and non-toxic, vegan polish.

Manicures and Pedicures

Express Manicure

Nail trim and file, soak, cuticle removal followed by an application of vegan non-toxic polish. Reflex hand massage.

Holistic Manicure

Nail trim and file, soak, cuticle removal followed by luxurious hand and arm massage, nail buff and an application of vegan non-toxic polish.

Spa Deluxe Manicure

Our luxurious Manicure with all the basics plus a Soothing Hydrating Mask and Exfoliation.

Naked Manicure

Our Traditional Manicure with the application of vegan “Naked Manicure” with vitamin infused polish to heal cracked and peeling nails.  Great after gel or acrylic nail removal.

Polish Change

Nail file and buff and application of vegan, non-toxic polish.

Add on Junior Miss Polish

Bring your kids in when you have a manicure or pedicure and we’ll paint their nails too.

Express Pedicure

Start with an aromatherapy soak then nail trim and file, cuticle removal and heel buffing followed by an application of vegan non-toxic polish.

Holistic Pedicure

Aromatherapy soak, nail trim and file, cuticle removal and heel buffing, dead sea salt scrub and luxurious massage followed by an application of vegan non-toxic polish.

Spa Deluxe Pedicure

Our full pedicure with the addition of a Hydrating mask and Exfoliation.

Men’s Foot Tune-Up

Refreshing foot soak, nail trim and file, cuticle removal, heel buffing and foot massage.

Ionic Foot Cleanse/Detoxification

Coming soon…

Ionic detoxification treatment is a simple and powerful way to cleanse and detoxify your body on a cellular level. Detoxifying the body periodically especially during the body’s natural cleansing time (spring and fall) is essential to maintaining good health and disease prevention.

Toxins and chemicals get stored in the body and disrupts their functions and create an environment for disease, allergies and immune system breakdown. Ionic cleanse device generates a stream of positive and negative ions which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles. Through osmosis these toxins are drawn out of the body through pores of your feet. Ideal results are achieved over several sessions.

Service Length + Fee for each:

    • Manicures
    • Spa Deluxe Manicure    60 min $45
    • Naked Manicure        45 min $40
    • Holistic Manicure      45 min $35
    • Express Manicure    30 min $25
    • Polish Change        15 min $15
    • Mask/Paraffin        15 min $15
    • Jr. Miss Nail Polish    15 min $10
  • Pedicures
  • Spa Deluxe Pedicure    75 min $60
  • Holistic Pedicure    60 min $50
  • Express Pedicure    45 min $40
  • Jr. Miss Mini Pedi    30 min $25
  • Men’s Foot Tune-up    30 min $40

Taxes and Gratuitites extra. Prices subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked

Why don’t we offer gels?

At Wellness Path Holistic Spa, we like to steer clear of as many chemicals and toxins as possible and promote a healthy nail care in an eco-friendly spa environment. Gels require curing time under a UV lamp and for removal they require sitting time wrapped up in pure acetone. Both of these procedures are harmful to your health and the integrity of your nail beds. We also do not offer acrylics.  We use only natural polishes, that don’t contain toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) in its formulations. We predominantly use Zoya, the first to create a professional natural Big 5 free polish.

If my hand or foot is injured, can I still book a service?

If you have a wound, joint or muscle strain, a rash or any broken skin, you are advised to wait until you have recovered.

Can I receive a service if I have a nail fungus?

NO, for our protection and yours we advise that you wait until it has been treated. If you are unsure, we advise to have it checked out with your physician.

Signs it may be a nail fungus are:

  • thickened
  • brittle, crumbly or ragged
  • distorted in shape
  • dull, with no shine
  • a dark colour, caused by debris building up under your nail

Infected nails may also separate from the nail bed, there may be pain in the toes or fingernails and may have a slight odour.

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