Spa Body Treatments

For a Unique and
Therapeutic Experience

Balance Vital Energy for Renewed Relaxation

Spa Body Treatments

Include our Holistic Body Treatments into your Healthcare Regime

Our Therapeutic Body Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment

Customized ‘Back Facial’ treatment to leave your back smooth and clear. Includes:  Hot towels detoxification, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask and moisturize balancing elixir with massage.

Blueberry Coffee Bean Polish

Deep cleansing with exfoliation.  Infusion of antioxidants, papaya enzymes  and Resveratrol for a smooth and silky finish. Great before an event or an evening out!

Seaweed Mineralizing Wrap

Remineralize, Detoxify and Hydrate your skin. Customize with essential oils or Phyto 5 Esserines to ramp up your results and longer lasting Detox, cellulite, remineralize.

Violet Clay Balancing Wrap

A silky, Violet Clay rich in a blend of natural essences will revitalize your state of being. Lemon and cypress will assist in the increase of lymph movement as it calms the nervous system bringing out your natural inner glow.

Massage and Body Treatment Add On Suggestions

Service Length + Fee for each:

  • Therapeutic Body Treatments
  • Lymphatic Drainage                          45min   $60
  • Purifying Back Treatment                45min   $65
  • Blueberry Coffee Bean Polish         60 min  $75
  • Seaweed Mineralizing Wrap             60 min   $95
  • Violet Clay Balancing Wrap             60 min   $95

Taxes and Gratuities extra. Prices subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked

What do I wear during my service?

For body treatments, it is recommended to undress down to whatever you will be most comfortable with. Usually that will be down to your undergarments. However, we recommend for body scrubs and wraps to bring your bathing suit bottom or an extra pair of undergarments to wear home, keeping in mind that they may get oily or wet during treatment. Disposable undergarments are available as well. Our staff are trained to provide you with the uttermost level of comfort and privacy during your visit. Draping with sheets and/or towels are part of all massage, skincare and spa services. Robes and slippers are provided for guests with more than one service. Tote bags will be provided for your belongings.  Whatever the service, please feel free to voice your concerns or preferences throughout the treatment.

Anything I can do to prolong the benefits of the treatments?

Drink a lot of water to maintain hydration and help receive the full benefit of your experience. The water will flush out any toxins released by massage, body treatment, sauna and essential oil treatment.

We're here to support the whole you - mind, body and soul.

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