Emotional Release & Trauma

Letting go of negative emotions to bring balance back to your life.

Balancing Energy by releasing emotions and neutralizing traumas for peace and harmony.

Emotional Release & Traumas

We have an amazing method, known as BEAM, to release emotions and traumas from your cellular memory, without having to re-live or even remember the negative experiences.  BEAM can be a method on it’s own, or is often a next step for those who want to move on from talk therapy.

BEAM – Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method

BEAM is a simple, safe, easy and effective method release emotions and neutralizes past emotions that may be triggering unwanted reactions in your life.

During a session, muscle testing is used to identify what emotions or traumas to prioritize, without having to be consciously aware of the issue and without having to talk about any experiences you have had.

The next important part of the process is to release emotions that are negative and traumas from your cellular memory bank known as the chakras, the place where every emotion and experience you have is stored.

When you book a BEAM session, you will be invited to get comfortable and drink lots of water.  As you are guided through your chakras and releasing emotions and traumas stored in your cellular memory, you will gain an understanding of how they have been affecting you. After BEAM, people often report feeling lighter and happier with fewer emotional extremes.

Service Length + Fee for each:

BEAM initial session – 90 to 120 min                                                                                                           $150

BEAM follow up session                                                                                                                                          $95

BEAM starter package (*includes one initial and one follow up)                                                 $199

BEAM 3 session follow up package                                                                                                               $239