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Our Life Coaches help you find clarity, focus and the passion you desire to live your best life, on purpose.

Life Coaching & Self Discovery

We offer a range of coaching engagements that are aimed at helping you achieve the life goals you’ve dreamed of – quicker than you could have ever imagined. Whether you’re looking to focus on self-discovery, wellness, personal or professional growth we are committed to supporting you in your endeavour.

Working with a life coach brings clarity, insight, purpose and drive to the things you want most in life.

A life coach helps you:

  • Identify what you value most in life.
  • Identify and clarify your desired goals and outcomes;
  • Align your goals and outcomes with what’s most important in your life;
  • Help you create an action plan to move you forward quickly;
  • Guide you through unchartered emotional, mental & physical roadblocks;
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and the mental and physical barriers that are keeping you “stuck”; and
  • Hold you accountable for achieving your desired successes.


Our life coaching engagements focus on: lifestyle wellness, mindset, personal success, career, relationship, and more.

Business Coaching engagements are also available.  Call to schedule consult.

Service Length + Fee for each:

  • Life Coaching: Initial 90 min $150 + tax
  • Follow ups: 60 min $95 + tax
  • Follow ups: 30 min $60 + tax

iEnergyTM Life Session with Sarah Kathleen

This one-on-one intuitive energy coaching sessions for those looking for an active healing and coaching session that includes an intuitively led energy body work session in which the client often actively participates through self-talk, discovery, mind shift and release followed by a coaching session that utilizes various personal growth techniques including but not limited to neuro-linguistic programming, visual mind techniques and mindset shifts, and tapping, also known as the emotional freedom technique, etc. to create positive and lasting transformation as clients release, retrieve and reveal their true nature.

    • iEnergyTM Life Session: Initial 90 min $175 + tax
    • Follow ups: 60 min $125 + tax
    • Follow ups: 30 min $90 + tax



  • Packages – Introductory Pricing
  • 3 session Intro: 1 x 90 min + 2 x 60 min follow ups $299 + tax
  • 6 session Starter:  1 x 90 min + 5 x 60 min follow ups $549 + tax
  • 12 session Transformative: 1 x 90 min + 11 x 60 min follow ups $849 + tax

Prices subject to change without notice.

We're here to support the whole you - mind, body and soul.

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