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Intuitive Energy Healing

One-on-One and Group Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions for Mind-Body-Spirit healing and growth.  Our Intuitive Healers help you break-through mental and emotional blocks, self-limiting beliefs and assist in helping to raise your consciousness.

Intuitive Energy Healing sessions integrate healing modalities and teach self-care tools to help you move beyond situations and feelings.  It provides support and encouragement to connect with your intuition, and to resolve / release that which no longer serves you.

Intuitive Energy Healing session combine hands on energy work with an intuitive experience as the practitioner is guided.  May integrate other elements such as: acupressure, dry massage / supported stretching, oracle cards, clear spray / sage, pendulum, aromatherapy, coaching and more.

Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions:

  • 90 min $125 + tax
  • 60 min $95 + tax

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