by Sarah Kathleen (Amrita Kirin Kaur), NLP Professional Coach
Master Healer, Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Lifestyle Wellness Coach, Yoga Expert

detox drink

Springtime is beginning to bust its way through the cracks of what soon will be fertile ground.

As the ice is peeled back and the melt allows it to lose its grip so too does the Spring ask you to release yourself from the grip of habits, thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.  You may have noticed that the energies of the last months have been pulling on you, in perhaps a not so gentle way, tugging at you to acknowledge notions and behaviours that have merely served to self-sabotage or keep you “safe”, thoughts and ways of operating that have kept you from making any real forward progress toward the life you dream of realizing.

As Spring is asked to take its last pause before bursting into bloom so too are you being asked to take pause.  Take pause to reflect on the areas and ways in which your life is not working for you.  Are there situations you can change or will a change in thoughts about a situation be enough to make a positive change?  Now, is the time for a change that can bring greater harmony and balance to your daily life.

As Spring is a time of renewal and explosive growth, now is the time to plant productive and healthy seeds of change.  We often think of a detox as a short-term undertaking – instead, consider how you can make this 5 Step Spring Detox an integral part of your life so that it will bear plentiful fruit as the year blooms now and into the years to come.

detox food

Eat more whole foods.

Enjoy 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily along with a moderate amount of whole grains, lean meat or meat alternatives, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.  Can’t manage to eat that many servings of fruits and veggies?  Consider adding a quality whole food supplement to your daily routine.  Keep a simple food journal to track your progress.  Meal Prep to save time and ask your family / children to help with meal planning and prepping.  Research shows that when kids are involved in mealtime activities they often make better food choices, like eating more fruits and veggies.

drink water

Drink more water.

This important nutrient plays a key role in maintaining normal body temperature, shuttling nutrients throughout the body, lubricating joints, ridding the body of waste, and much more!  Challenged to choke it down? Infuse your water with fruits, veggies, and herbs like strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, and mint. Experiment and find the temperature of water you prefer best and lap it up. Not only may you find yourself a little trimmer from replacing calories, more energized, but your skin and mind may also feel and look clearer and you may even feel less stiff and achy.  Those are all a bonus in my books!


Move Your Body!

Whether it’s Yoga, Walking, Swimming, Resistance Training, Housework, Gardening or Dancing – whatever it is do something to move your body, strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and get your lymphatic circulation flowing.  Check out the article”The New Science of Exercise” in the Times to learn more about how exercise and how much of it can make you a healthier, happier human.


Meditate & Breath.

These two go together like Batman & Robin.  Without Robin, Batman may just throw up his hands in frustration over this whole Meditating thing.  But with Robin (Breath) by his side, Batman can easily slip into this prized altered state of bliss  The place where space and time expand and creativity, clarity, and calm are the focus of the day. Stuck on how to get started? Practice this…Balanced Breathing (Sama Vritti) How to do it: Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position with your back straight, or sit in a chair feet flat on the floor hands lie down for a more restorative practice. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your natural breath. Just observe, and do not change anything at first. When you’re ready, begin to inhale on a count of 4, and exhale on a count of 4, matching the length of your inhale and exhale. As you practice more, experiment with counting to higher numbers—just make sure your inhale and exhale stay the same length. Continue breathing this way for several minutes, or until you feel your mind and body relax.Practicing Sama Vritti will calm your body and focus your mind.While the above technique is identified as a pranayama (breath) practice it is a great way to start a meditation practice, as the simplest of meditation practices begin with focusing on the breath.  Add to that the counting and you will have used up the real estate of your mind so that the endless monkey mind has nowhere to flow and instead you can begin to experience that peaceful thoughtless place.  After a time working with this breath you may notice that the focus on the breath and counting fall away and you can find yourself suspended for a time here, in this place, even if just for a moment, the peaceful bliss state the greatest Gurus strive to teach us to find and exist in.


Keep a Journal.

We often refer to the benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal. Not only can it help you feel and be happier but it can help reduce stress, improve your relationships and provide a host of other benefits!  Here is a twist on the typical Gratitude Journal that can not only serve as a way to practice gratitude but also help you to release negative thought pattern, self-limiting belief while identifying what you truly desire and believe about yourself.

Use one page to write what you are grateful for each day.  You are welcome to place a number of days of gratitude writing on the one-page front and back or write several pages of blessings but write nothing else on it except for what you are grateful for.

  1. Now, on the next new page be sure to flip it open to the left so that you have an empty left page and right page looking at you.  On the left page begin to write about the things you would like to release from your life.  The things you are ready to let go of.  Thoughts, ideas, notions, and beliefs about yourself that are old or just plain untrue – write them here.  If you need more paper just flip another page so that you are only writing on the left side of the book.  For our paper conscious individual, yes, you can use the other side of the left-hand page to continue writing your release statements just do not write any on the right facing page.
  2. Next, move to the right page and begin writing your intentions, affirmations and the declarations you have for your life.  Consider that you are writing a letter to the Universe here thanking the Universe for bringing you everything that you have desired and then some.  Write as though you have already received all that you have desired.  Acting “As if”….i.e. I love how easily I manage my career and family.  I enjoy an abundance of quality time with my children and partner.  I have a regular routine of self-care that rejuvenates me, my sleep is restful and I meet my work deadlines with ease. I am so blissfully happy!
  3. Once you have completed your writing session, go back to the left pages and review your release writing.  Note if there is anything that you would like to keep and if there is feel free to add it to the right page – the affirmations, intentions, and declaration pages and be sure to write it in a positive way. i.e. The small piece of anger I wish to keep related to my feelings or experience around my past career success, I transform into productive momentum that keeps me moving forward.  Using that transformed energy, I am motivated to continue to improve my personal and business relationships by continuing to create and communicate my healthy boundaries.  I do so with ease and grace for the highest and greatest good of all involved.
  4. Now that you have finished your work, tear out the left-hand pages! These release pages you can choose to burn safely (in a controlled environment, outside), or you can tear up the pages and place them into a bowl of water with rock salt. Don’t have rock salt – not to worry – any salt will do.  Once the pages are burned or soaked by the salt water you have completed your release work and you can now safely dispose of the ashes or paper.
  5. Take a deep cleansing breath, smile and feel grateful for the work you have just completed!

What you will be left with over time is a Journal full of Gratitude and all the positive rockets of desire that you have set your focus on.  Review them often.  Modify and shift your desires appropriately as you gain more clarity of what you truly desire.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to take action to manifest that which you truly desire and watch your life’s dreams unfold!

Think of how simple a Spring Detox for a Healthy Body, Heart & Mind can be by following these 5 steps to greater health and happiness!

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