Signature Facials

Phyto-Ceuticals for all skin types

Botanical Energetic Skin Care to Balance All Skin Types

Chemical-free Holistic Facials

All of our facials are fully customized to your skin type and concerns to create the perfect balance of results and deep relaxation. We use only the purest of ingredients to ensure a chemical-free experience.

Our Skin-Care Line

What’s your elemental type? Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water?

phyto-5 treatments

A range of natural, organic, energetic skincare products from Switzerland based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Season, the Element, the skin type . Unique products abounding with natural ingredients such as clay, plankton,trace minerals and blends of  natural essential oils.  These award winning formulas work to re-balance and replenish our inner flow of energy  as well as soothe and renew the skin.

All facials include these facial necessities:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Exfoliation
  • Massage
  • Reflex Points
  • Finishing Elixir Skincare
Our Facials
Signature Facial Treatment

Good for all skin types. Includes facial necessities, plus: jojoba bead exfoliation. Lymphatic Drainage with Chromalight lift, eye contouring, plus 5 Clays Mask rich in essential oils to balance skin that reflects a combination of conditions. This energetic mask leaves your skin with even tone and luminous complexion. Results are truly amazing!

  • Signature Phyto5    75 min  $95
Ageless La Cure Facial

Includes facial necessities, plus: Lymphatic Drainage, Chromalight lift and Anti Aging tightening mask. Essential hydration, needed minerals and age-defying antioxidants help to fill wrinkles from within as well as Lifting, Firming and Toning. Our top of the line facial!  Series recommended.

  • Ageless La Cure    75 min $120
Seasonal Facial

Mineralize, balance, hydrate, tone. Includes facial necessities, plus – Chroma Cone light lymphatic drainage and mask to treat seasonal skin issues. Recommended for each season and the in between seasons as well. See our calendar for dates.

  • Seasonal Holistic     60 min  $75
Acupuncture Face Lift

Clarifying facial to increase circulation, detoxification and balance. Includes facial necessities. Please add on extractions if required.

  • Acupuncture Face Lift    2 hrs  $185 
Purifying Facial Treatment

Clarifying facial to increase circulation, detoxification and balance. Includes facial necessities. Please add on extractions if required.

  • Purifying        60 min  $70
Men's Facial Fix

Includes all the facial necessities while we focus on shoulder and neck massage.

  • Men’s Facial Fix    45 min  $55
Warm Stone Aroma Facial

Includes all the necessities. The application of the essential oils and the massage are performed with warmed basalt stones to soothe and pamper.

  • Warm Stone Aroma    45 min  $65
Botanical Express Facial

Excellent before a night out or special day. Includes facial necessities, plus: Relaxation point massage, finishing with balancing elixir.

  • Botanical Express    45 min  $60
Facial Add On Options

Must be added to a facial service:

  1. Enzyme Peel – coming soon
  2. Eye Rescue – Specialized concentrated treatment to increase moisture and hydration to help firm and tighten, decrease puffiness and feed nutrients around the eye area. Lymphatic drainage will be performed to move fluid away from the area. Finishing with collagen rich eye lift mask.
  3. Lymphatic Drainage – A gentle massage that encourages the body to filter the waste and toxins out of the body, stimulates circulation, drains excess fluid, decongests, reduces edema, pre/post surgery. Aids in cellulite treatments, scar tissue, redness and acne.
  4. Indian Head Massage
  5. Reflexology or Reflex-Foot Massage
  6. Infrared Sauna
Add Ons Fee and Service Length
  • Eye rescue        20 min  $35
  • Marine/Enzyme Peel    10 min  $15
  • Soothing Mask        15 min  $20
  • Chroma Lift        15 min  $20
  • Indian Head Massage    15 min  $20
  • Reflexology or Reflex-Foot Massage        15 min  $20
  • Infrared Sauna        up to 30 min.  $10
  • Lymphatic Drainage (Facial)    15 min $15
  • Lymphatic Drainage (½ Body)    25 min $35
  • Botanical Quick Cleanse  15 min $35
Frequently Asked
What are the benefits of a facial?

A regular facial routine is more about skin health and maintenance than it is about luxury or pampering, although many do find it to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Facials help increase circulation and stimulate the skin. They can also help slow down premature aging and drastically improve conditions such as acne, redness and rosacea. Facials are a great preventative treatment to help you beat wrinkles before they occur, and can also help you achieve lighter, brighter, younger-looking skin. It is always easier to prevent than correct. In addition to healthier skin, many also enjoy regular facials to help minimize irritation, redness, ingrown hairs, and razor burn associated with shaving.

How soon will I start seeing results from my facial?

Some guest see results right away, and your skin should feel different right away. The skin feels smoother, more hydrated, clean and a healthy glow. If the skin has more long term needs, results might not be visible right away; however, your skin will continue to improve as you continue with your recommended home regimen. With regular facials, visible results are prolonged and overall health of skin is improved.

How many treatments will I need?

If it is for overall health of the skin, it’s recommended to get facials regularly every 4-6 weeks. Facial treatments plans are meant to be progressive not aggressive. On average results are more noticeable after the third treatment. Although, after the first session the skin will be fresher, softer, cleaner, and smoother for many clients. Treatment plans are usually suggested every two weeks for a series of sessions if working towards a particular skin condition like acne, balancing and anti-aging.

Does the weather or season affect my skin?

Yes, our skins goes through its own changes, similar to the seasons. With the weather changes in addition to air conditioning and forced-air- heating your skin is under constant assault. Wind and low temperatures can dry skin out. Skin’s natural oils are depleted causing dryness, sensitivity and premature aging.  Prolonged exposure to the sun causes dehydration, which you will particularly notice after a sunburn or tanning needing more moisture. Just like nature gets affected so does our skin. When our skins have to deal with skin changed from external issues like weather, it can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or cause new ones. To keep skin healthy and at its optimal condition all year round, our estheticians will make recommendations to your treatments best suited to your current skin’s needs and a few updates to your skin regimen for home

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