Spring Allergies? Find a Natural Solution

Do you suffer from Allergies in April and May?

What would you say if we said YOU DON’T HAVE TO?

Many of us look forward to spring, but for those with allergies, spring is bitter-sweet.  This doesn’t have to be… why? Because we have a tried, tested and true process that works to correct the root cause. It sounds too good to be true, but we’ve helped thousands of people with our holistic allergy method.  If your symptoms typically start in April and May, read further about how we can help seriously reduce, and even prevent these symptoms from starting…

A little more about what’s causing the spring allergies in April and May:  Tree pollens and cut grasses.

As the trees and bushes bud, they start to pollinate.  It typically matches up to about the time that we start to cut the grass (in Canada anyway).  For those with spring allergies, you will start to experience sinus trouble, itchy watery eyes, or headaches.  

The natural approach used at Clarington’s Wellness Path combines homeopathy, laser acupuncture and biofeedback to bring the body back into balance and out of it’s confused state.  Meaning that when you’re exposed to the trigger it will recognize it and process it properly, without reacting.  While some may remain skeptical of advances in holistic approaches, there are many who have experienced long-lasting and life changing relief from food allergies or environmental sensitivities like plants and pollens.

If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, call to book an appointment… but don’t wait too long or those symptoms are going to get started!  Booking an appointment before spores and pollens begin to fly could get you through the entire spring season with no drugs or pharmaceuticals required*. 

To book an appointment call 905-623-9232 or email allergies@wellnesspath.ca.  For more information visit our allergies and food sensitivities page on our website.

Next season: grass pollens.  Once the grass has time to grow and mature, they will pollinate in July and August.


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